Vinita Navalkar

She is working on Multilayer optics for hard X-ray Telescopes in the Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics. She has been practising night-sky observation and astrophotography for almost 12 years now.

Preeti Bhattacharjee

She is currently pursuing PhD in biophysics at Johns Hopkins University, USA, where she investigates how RNA molecules evolve, fold and function. She likes to read and learn about anything and everything, travel, arrange music, and play any musical instrument she can get her hands on.

Soureek Mitra

He is pursuing a career in research to unravel the mysteries of the particle world. His range of interests encompass almost everything noteworthy out there -- particularly, to play and watch games of football, delve deep into discussions on photography, history, movies, literature, tangible and intangible forms of art, travel experiences, culinary experiences, and the list goes on. He is a bit of a foodie, always ready to venture into a variety of available cuisines. He also loves to travel once in a while, hang out with friends whenever possible and have fun.