Srikanth Tirumani

He is a JRF in the Department of Biological Sciences. This is his tribute to Tripod, a TIFR colonnade resident. Srikanth says, "Reminiscing about this friendly, fast runner, good listener and source of inspiration, makes the evening walks more nostalgic."

Mukesh Kumar

He is a research scholar in the Department of Biological Sciences. Apart from reconstituting motor recruitment on lipid droplets in the lab, he is interested in biking, trekking and hiking. He uses oil, acrylic and water colours to imprint his imaginations on canvas.

Sumeru Hazra

Sumeru is pursuing his research in the field of Condensed Matter Physics. He loves to spend most of his weekends painting, which has been his favourite pastime since years. He is also fond of cartooning, making ambigrams and digital arts.

Surat Saravanan

She graduated from the Department of Biological Sciences in 2016. Currently a freelance science editor and content developer, she is also a music and art enthusiast and makes infrequent attempts to dabble in them.