मुझे पता है

By Satish Ganvir. S. J. Ganvir was an Administrative Officer (GA) in TIFR. He is now retired.



By Pritam Bhattacharya. The poet is a research scholar in the School of Technology & Computer Science in TIFR. He hails from Kolkata, where he completed his B.Tech. in Computer Science. When he is not cracking his head open in frustration while trying to decipher a paper he has been asked to read, he is usually found swinging away with great gusto with a table tennis paddle in his hand. The author is a diehard foodie, and loves working out in the gym. He is also very passionate about music. Some people describe him as ‘dumb’ and a ‘big show-off’, and he has a strong suspicion that they may not be totally incorrect.