And… Then I was None

By Vivek Singh. He is pursuing his PhD after joining INO in TIFR in 2008. He joined the PhD program because he was quite embarrassed to call himself a “Master” in physics after he got his degree of Integrated M.Sc. in Physics from IIT Kharagpur. He is an avid sports lover and a regular member of “Experimental Physics” cricket and football team. As for his roots, I am sure you would have figured out after going through his article.


Oh Bombay! I Hate You, Like I Love You

By Shweta Ramdas, a JRF in DBS. Your typical 20-something, she drowns herself in the realms of fiction to escape the clutches of biology. She also enjoys sports and politics, and is a permanent member of coffee addicts anonymous.

Mumbai, As I Knew Her

By Sayantan Sharma, a former scholar in the Department of Theoretical Physics. He is better known for his insatiable trekking desires, his very genteel personality and as the priest during the Saraswati pujas who could remember all the difficult Sanskrit shlokas.