Editorial, Winter 2018

Think of an institution, where all the students, teachers, administrative personnel, workers stay in harmony- everything is in hunky-dory. There lies an alluring and resplendent ambience all around. The students celebrate, what is called, their ‘lives’, in a flamboyant style. They tell their stories to everyone- thereby adding to the uniqueness and diversity of the campus. The lesbian girl narrates the story of her life; the painter paints quintessential picture of sunrise; the introvert lad portrays sapiosexualism in his writing; the theatre covey takes masterclasses by publishing articles on histrionic activities; the chemist experiments on poetry and presents a doggerel, yet receives approbation. Can’t we help turn this phantasmagoria into reality?

The diversity of the student body is central to serving to the educational mission of any institution. India, a boiling pot of diversity and TIFR, being a premier research institute of the country, it is expected for TIFR to have an exuberantly active and diverse students’ body to keep the educational environment and the overall life buoyant. But where exactly does the unique culture of TIFR lie?  Is it on the stage of Homi Bhabha Auditorium on the auspicious days of Founder’s day and Republic Day? Or is it in a line carved out in a notebook by the seashore? Or probably it is lost in the infinite books in the library and paintings and murals? Yes, the idiosyncratic culture of TIFR indeed lies in all these places, and it also lies in ‘Crescendo’, one of the major platforms where creativities are allowed to bloom.

Six years back, a pantheon of TIFRites took the initiative for the accouchement of TIFR’s web-magazine and named it ‘Crescendo’.  The vision was to create a platform for the TIFR junta to express their creative alter ego. And we, the new editors, are bequeathed to carry on the legacy.

Now, do we have enough time to take out from the daily chores of delving into science for writing and reading poetry, story? The answer is, emphatically, yes! The scientific innuendo goes perfectly hand-in-hand with the artistic machinery of our mind. Literature is perceived in different forms now-a-days. Books are always there, but people have started writing blogs, putting pictures there, so that we are able to follow them anytime anywhere. And this is the main motive behind the online version of the magazine.

So, let’s come forward and pen the pregnant ideas that we have in mind. We all think differently, and have variegated ideas and notions of so many things around us. Listening to the diverse, eccentric stories of lifestyle, life experiences enriches our life, our personality, and makes us realize who we are. Come, let’s share all these, and embrace difference in thoughts and creativities in open arms.

It brings us a great pleasure to release Crescendo Winter 2018 edition, which has the maximum number of submissions, amongst all the previous editions! The name ‘Crescendo’ for our magazine is justifiable- it is no more a neonatal, rather is maturing edition-after-edition. We were ecstatic at having had this huge number of article submission and editing those articles. Besides, we have got a motley collection of paintings, photographs and music video. This time we have submissions from the faculty, staff members, and residents of the colony as well. We could also highlight a few students’ activities in this new edition.

We extend our heart-felt gratitude to all the contributors for this latest edition of Crescendo, and Ms. Rajasree Kundu, TSS cultural secretary for bridging the communication between us, the editors and all the TIFRites. With that, we leave you with the all-new edition, relish the ‘Celebration of Life’ theme of Crescendo, and don’t hesitate to share, comment, suggest or criticize our actions.


Suman, Mona, Harsh, Kaustav

(The Editorial Team)

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