Editorial, 2018

“To develop a complete mind: study the science of art; study the art of science. Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.”
— Leonardo da Vinci

There are two types of people in this world; those who idolize this quote and those who do not. The first kind regales in the idea that science and arts are like day and night. One cannot exist without the other. For a premier institute like TIFR which stands as an epitome of fundamental scientific research not only in India but across the globe, it was imperative to have a platform where TIFRites could satisfy their artistic thirst. Driven by this motive, six years back, a group of enthusiasts conceived the idea of Crescendo, our very own online magazine.

What more could be possibly said about the importance of communication that has not been said before? As the flow and freedom of information roars at a seemingly exponential rate, we witness innovative and ambitious modes of communication coming to the fore. Print media once played a huge role in shaping the way literature was consumed. These days, it is easier to share euphoria or anger as a Facebook or Instagram post, instantly reaching a vast base of users, although the quality of the content remains debatable. With Crescendo, we aim to strike a balance and uphold the virtues of art — both old-style and new.

The huge growth of public interest in the field of fundamental sciences has made it an exciting time for science communication. To keep up with the demand, it is high time that we have an army of science communicators who can articulate their work to a broader audience belonging to a wide variety of strata while maintaining its lucidity. Towards this direction, the stepping stone is to inculcate among budding scientists the willingness to share.

Each one of us, including that apparently introvert nerd who looks most comfortable while having their head buried into the pages of books, also has an ocean of stories hidden at some corner of their heart that is bursting to come out. The real concern is whether there is anyone who will listen! Well, there is.

Crescendo comes to the fore with a dedicated purpose of not only listening to you but also to let your voice be heard amongst your colleagues. Moreover, it is all set to expand the variety of entries, be it in the form of literature, painting, elocution, songs, or any form of art that let your creative alter ego fly! Keeping in mind the necessity to keep up with online media, starting this year, we are introducing ‘Share’ icons with each post. This allows you to share the posts on a variety of online platforms: be it your WhatsApp groups, as Facebook posts, a small little Tweet or age-old email.

We dedicate the 2018 edition of the magazine to the loving memory of two of our colleagues.

On part of the editors, we have tried our best to be fair with the editing of all the entries under the purview of the editorial board. However, we apologize for any unintentional error that might have lingered and strongly encourage your invaluable suggestions and healthy criticisms (our email address is crescendo.tss@gmail.com) which will uplift the quality of content for Crescendo.

All great works ride on the shoulder of certain people without whom the journey would have been difficult if not impossible. We would sincerely like to acknowledge the help of — the previous group of editors, who shaped the idea of Crescendo out of its inchoate form; Ms Imon Mondal, the Cultural Secretary of the TSS (TIFR Student’s Society) 2018, who has been the cord of our communication at critical junctures.

“Crescendo” means a gradual increase. Indeed, the nomenclature could not have been more accurate. Years back, a seed had been sown, but the subsequent journey has not been smooth. There has been disappointment and conflict of ideas. Nevertheless, all of these shrink down to triviality as you witness the edition to see broad daylight. During the birth of her child, a mother not only endures all form of pain but regales in them just considering herself fortunate enough to be a part of the journey. We hope you enjoy the current edition!

The editors,
Mona, Nita, Kaustav, Suman, Debdutta.

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