The Mountain Trek

— Varghese Babu


Sweet the songs, they well up inside
My heart that waits to trip and glide.
There’s alacrity in my eyes you’ll find
As I leave the city behind.

I swim the streams and smell every pretty flower,
I espy the nest that the leaves kindly sequester.
Its just me and the trail and the great blue sky,
Yes, I’m climbing the mountains high!

How naked and unadorned my soul,
Like a newly birthed flaxen foal,
When the mountain breeze kisses my cheek
As I pass by cavern and creek.

I ponder as I behold the kestrel’s plume
Dolefully how disparate today has become,
The beauty of the world and the concerns of our lives,
How ensnared we are in our bloated beehives.

My body and spirit are now asunder,
The former is spent and longs to hunker,
While the latter flies like a wild parakeet,
Soaring with joy and mirth surfeit.

We all need an ablution now and then,
To immerse our souls in a silken glen,
The bucolic farmstead or the oceans azure,
To purge the spirit and hold it pure.


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