The Freedom

— Shibdas Banerjee


This is a battle in the age of mankind;
I am a silent spectator, just like a child.
I have lost my necessary weapon,
I find nothing to destroy the creation.
You gather your warriors against me;
They are wild and come closer to see;
Probably they would find a great exploit;
Since you know all my secrets;
I know I can’t impede your whimsical mind;
You earned your reasons of all kind
To defeat me with a great pleasure,
To make a history of forever;
Today this is a battle for you only.
You are on the way to win aggressively.
But alas!
All on a sudden, your game is splintered;
When you find me taking surrender;
Your acute taste of violence on my love;
Can’t find enough space for standing up;
With a deep breath I lie down in your kingdom;
And I win the battle with a small piece of freedom!


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