Monsoon Ardor

— Varghese Babu


I know beauty when my eye it beholds,
I have found an amethyst from among the myriad geodes.
Though you don’t admit to it, you covet me too, I know this much,
I can read it in your body’s every twitch.

And yet you withhold yourself from me.
Take my hand, I’ll make you happier than he.
Remember, it was yours to will all along,
Pay no heed to the world’s harangue.

I wonder if you are as consumed by our predicament as I,
No, I know you yearn too, with me to fly.
So let me not in thrall be, so cut loose my infernal chains,
My raging torrent can assuage your blazing flames.

Say but yes, and I shall be your monsoon new,
I’ll give you my thunder, and linger with you as the morning dew;
And like the barren hills emerald will become,
So shall you, my love, burst and blossom.

The mayfly waxes for a year, yet lives but a day,
Dancing one sublime true moment in the sun, before its life fades away.
So wish I, to marvel and drown in your exquisite femininity,
Perishing limp and sate for all eternity.

So come hither, my sweet lassie,
Ephemeral are these days of glory;
Let us drink of each other’s youth
Before the gushing spring, the years dry out.


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