The Truth

— Shibdas Banerjee


I disappear in the sky as you love the blue;
And in the darkness of night, I can’t find any clue;
Why do I like to stay in the sky?
Why do I deviate from the truth and lie?
When you color your temple blue, I remain witness;
As it is watching over my emptiness;
In your temple, I dare to wipe out my pain;
After I lose my tear in a crazy rain;

I become mad as you can find my madness;
Though your emotions go speechless;
I have to do this so that you can’t forget me;
I have to forget that you would forget me;
No more I remember when you hurt my soul;
And the stupid sun is going to blank out the drawl;
Yet, I remain conscious at night on your sleepy eyes;
If by mistake, they can meet the truth of my lies!


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