— Pritam Bhattacharya

Psychedelic Rambling

In rotting decadence I stealthily prowl,
Ignoring reason, and its warning growl!
A piercing hunger gnaws steadily at my gut
As I stumble along with my eyes clenched shut!
In the deepest of shadows I silently lurk,
While centuries of evolution leave their mark-
Seeking a place which I could call home;
Like a restless soul I ceaselessly roam!
All around me the world lies ravaged-
The brutal savagery of man, uncaged!

Mind Warp

Harken back to those sleepless nights-
When reality fades and conscience bites;
When surreal thoughts begin to take hold
And distort our vision of the world manifold;
When we begin to realize the bitter truth,
In the grip of desires both foul and uncouth;
When the wind brings back the eternal pain;
When the universe threatens to lie still again!
In those moments, before we come around,
Germinate the seeds of ideas profound!


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