My Gmail: An English Ghazal

i repeatedly reload my gmail
has she mailed i goad my gmail

one time when she sent her picture
stopped my heart and slowed my gmail

she said no. it crashed my system
try again forebode my gmail

save me from reply so coarse
before i send implode my gmail

she writes in taunts to hide her love
into her heart tiptoed my gmail

my shrink, my girl, my priest, my mum
no one could decode my gmail

when god called me to give account
i booted up and showed my gmail

not much i need to stay alive
my tea, my shirt, my road, my gmail

i meant to never write to you
it sends replies untold, my gmail

hearts may break, our love may dim but
nothing can corrode my gmail

all goes dark, my batteries dying
eyespark shone when glowed my gmail



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