Life Speaks

— Deepak Tiwari

Explored through my layers,
The mortals with their all endeavours,
Ages passed and many to come…
I have remained a mystery forever.
They call me brute, when I calm over:
To bereave a mother of her only son,
Or to curse a diseased with long shivering years.
Dynasties to dust with flowing streams of blood…
Beloved in a desperate wait for her love
Never to return to appease her heart.
The oceans, with fancy of their own, drinking lands,
Or fires of fury, bequeathing ashes…
Blessed am I with the songs of beauty,
When craving hearts are endowed with love,
When I cast out pearls of barren lands.

But I have to behold it still;
For He contrived the stage and all have to play.
If you,
Dare to dream, then must hold to be desperate;
Dare to love, then shatter not on partings;
Dare to soar, be ready to collide —
For endurance is the essence of living.

Be the vapours that rejoice their salvation
And not the clouds that fear to shed tears
Onto this mortal earth.
Through me and beyond,
Search with incessant moves.
For you have to know yourself,
To liberate the Flame from The Odyssey,
Where birth and death are mere halts.
I just stoop before Thy Will.
Where Love, Truth and Destiny blend into
The Divinity Himself.
Beyond my realms lie the reasons…
God sees the truth but waits?


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