Editorial, 2012



Dear Readers,

Every self-respecting institute has a magazine. The question, then, is: Are we a self-respecting institute? Nah, that’s not it. (And we are, obviously). The real, unabashed, key question is: Is that reason enough to start a magazine?

Of course not. One may want to buy a car because all the neighbours have one and you imagine their sneering faces as you descend the stairs, head bowed… but if you get yourself one you should bloody well know how to drive. My expensive iPad lies in a corner gathering dust because I can play Angry Birds just as well on my Android. No, we have a magazine because we can create art.

We can create art because we live in a unique atmosphere, where we are stuck in a comfortable shelter (with a seashore attached), away from the heckle down in rich, frothy Colaba, or the hustle-bustle further away in Churchgate. We live our lonely lives finding solace in the daily trick-trickle of the fiendish apparatus, the regular-enough issues of PhD comics, and the weekly trip to Gokul.

Something in all the stories, photographs and essays in this issue reflects this existence – the intense devotion to a compulsive lifestyle, or precarious escapades from a closeted world. The works and words crave an audience – not just blatantly, but ofttimes in the inner workings of colour and shade in a photograph or a turn of phrase in a poem that would seem to lose all life unless a breathing observer infuses it with some.

And hence Crescendo, that momentary infinity in music that is forever reaching for a looming peak. We hope our Most Excellent new car won’t be taken for a cruise because a visiting relative knows how to drive, but gives us inspiration to try stunts not-to-be-carried-out-at-home, break a few signals, and run over a few hapless pedestrians. Come on, all analogies break down after a point. But we hope this first issue provides such a burst of cultural virility, not just to breed a second and third sibling, but for those music-lovers and movie-buffs left behind by the labours of labwork as well.

And thusly, the Editorial Board, along with a tireless web designer, Ravitej Uppu, and a dashing cover-designer, Kabir Ramola, welcome you to the very first issue of Crescendo. Feel free to comment and criticise, and most importantly, contribute.

The Editors,

Debjyoti Bardhan, Rahul Dandekar and Nairit Sur.

Site Design by: Ravitej Uppu

Cover Design by: Kabir Ramola

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